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: "Not the peasants will march with the torch, but others." At the words, Nejdanov, who until then had scarcely noticed Mariana, who sat a little to one side, exchanged glances with her, and instantly felt that this solemn girl and he were of the same convictions, of the same stamp. She had made no impression on him whatever when Sipiagin had introduced them; then why did he exchange glances with her in particular? chevy blazer wondered if it was not disgraceful to sit and listen to such views without protesting and by reason of his silence letting others think that he shared them. Nejdanov looked at Mariana a second time, and her

CHEVY BLAZER : eyes seemed to say, "Wait a while . . . the time is not ripe. It isn't worth it . . . later on . . . there is plenty of time in store." chevy blazer was happy to think that she understood him, and began following the conversation again. Valentina Mihailovna supported her husband, and was, if anything, even more radical in her expressions than he. She could not understand, "simply could not un-der-stand, how an educated young man could hold such antiquated views." "However," she added, "I am convinced that you only say these things for the sake of argument. And you, Alexai Dmitritch," she

CHEVY BLAZER : added to Nejdanov, with a chevy blazer (he wondered how she had learned his Christian name and his father's name), "I know, do not share Simion Petrovitch's fears; my husband told me about your talks on the journey." Nejdanov blushed, bent over his plate, and mumbled something; he did not feel shy, but was simply unaccustomed to conversing with such brilliant personages. Madame Sipiagin continued smiling to him; her husband nodded his head patronisingly. Kollomietzev stuck his monocle between his eyebrow and nose and stared at the student who dared not to share his "fears." But it was difficult to embarrass Nejdanov in this way; on the contrary, he instantly

CHEVY BLAZER : sat up straight, and in his turn fixed his gaze on the fashionable official. Just as instinctively as he had felt Mariana to be a comrade, so he felt Kollomietzev to be an enemy! Kollomietzev felt it too; he removed his monocle, turned away, and tried to laugh carelessly--but it did not come off somehow. Only Anna Zaharovna, who secretly worshipped him, was on his side, and became even angrier than before with the unwelcome neighbour separating her from Kolia. Soon after this dinner came to an end. The company went out on the terrace to drink coffee. Sipiagin and chevy blazer lit up

CHEVY BLAZER : cigars. Sipiagin offered Nejdanov a regalia, but the latter refused. "Why, of course!" Sipiagin exclaimed; "I've forgotten that you only smoke your own particular cigarettes! "A curious taste!" Kollomietzev muttered between his teeth. Nejdanov very nearly burst out, "I know the difference between a regalia and a cigarette quite well, chevy blazer I don't want to be under an obligation to anyone!" but he contained himself and held his peace. He put down this second piece of insolence to his enemy's account. "Mariana!" Madame Sipiagin suddenly called, "don't be on ceremony with our new friend . . . smoke your cigarette if you like. All

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